Estagiários do mundo todo.

Alex Pic

Alexandra Joucla – French
Year at JapStudies : 2015
Hi ! I am Alex, I’m 18 and I come from France. I had to do an internship abroad during 7 weeks for my diploma. I also came in Brighton to improve my English and discover an other culture. In JapStudies I learnt a lot about accommodation and way of life in Brighton. I also met a lot of students of different countries. I enjoyed my work every day ! In JapStudies the team is very friendly and is always around to help you at any time. I really enjoyed to spend my time here !
Obrigada Joao, Fernando, Rita and Thiago !!

Anabel spain pic

Ana Isabel Estallo – Spanish
Year at JapStudies: 2012
I did an internship with JapStudies during the summer in 2012; It was a great experience that I still remember every day! During the internship I worked with different tasks as general administration, marketing and customers relations. The job atmosphere was really good with all the colleagues, even with the Director. We meet during the week out of work to have a drink or go to the beach. Also I have to say that Brighton is an amazing city ideal to spend a short period of time during your live.
All I have to say is that the internship in JapStudies was one of the best experiences in my live and I definitely recommend it to everybody.

Angelica Cappellari pic

Angelica Cappellari – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2011.
My name is Angelica Cappellari and I’m from Italy. I worked at JapStudies in June of 2011. For my profile picture you can choose between the two attachments. When I went to England I was so scared because it was my first experience abroad. I arrived there and I discovered that people was friendly and the city is wonderful. I worked at JapStudies only 4weeks but I enjoyed it! I knew a lot of people from around the world, and I still keep in touch with the girls who worked with me. The people at JapStudies are fantastic, really friendly and kindness. If you have problems or cares or you don’t understand something, they’ll help you.
It has been a very important experience for me because I could improve my english and learn a lot of new things.
I love that period of my life. I love England and I hope to come back one day! Thanks for all!

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Angelica D’Agostino – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2014
Hello I am Angelica,
I’ m sitting in my desk in Jap Studies right now and, writing this few lines, I am realizing how important have been these two months here for me.
It is not such a long period but it was intensive and full of useful experiences.
I can say for sure that Jap Studies is the right place to improve the English, to keep in touch with a lot of students from all over the world to see and touch how an international company works. But it is also a nice and warm place where you can enjoy your daily work with friendly and kind people. Jap fully reflects the spirit and the atmosphere of this sunny and smiling city.
Thanks guys and now …one month more for me!!!!

Anselmo Meira Pic

Anselmo Meira – Brazil
Year at JapStudies– 2012
Hello Guys! I’m Anselmo from Brazil! I’m really happy to be done internship at Japstudies in spring 2012, this is a fantastic place. Lots of fun and great friends! JapStudies has a nice and friendly atmosphere. It is a nice place to get involved with the events in Brighton and surroundings; for sure you will find something to do after work.
During my interchange I could enjoy a lot being a member of JapStudies staff, dealing with accommodation for people from the all over the world, helping new interns with everyday tasks, updating the website and promoting events. Every day you learn a new thing there.
João and Rita are awesome; I thank them for this opportunity and for all the support during my interchange.
If you are interested in doing an internship abroad, don´t hesitate to contact JapStudies staff. You will enjoy! Cherrs!!

Cindy - FB

Cindy Gabert – French
Year at JapStudies:
Hello ! I’m Cindy, a french student. I come from of Annecy, a very nice city that is situated between the lakes and the moutains, near of Switzerland.
I study the customer service in my high school and this experience in JapStudies has enriched my knowledge.
There was a good working atmosphere and my colleagues were adorable. Speak english with my colleagues from different origines has really helped me. I like to discover others cultures and languages and this was the case, but I was here for learn english!
I thank the team for their advices that they have given me during this period at Brighton.I passed a great time at Japstudies!

I highly recommend this internship !

Deborah New Picccc

Deborah Giurgola – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2014
The internship at JapStudies was one of the best experiences of my life!
I really enjoyed my time there because the working environment was really nice and friendly.
I learned a lot of things such as planning and organising a wide variety of different informations, marketing, collecting payments, customer service and many other tasks required.
I met a lot of people from all around the world and working in an international company like that allowed me to improve my language and communication skills.
In 4 months I improved a lot by speaking to people from different countries.
During my internship I spent good time and I made friends with the Jap studies team and other interns and I felt like being in a big family!
What else?? Just one word: THANKS

Emel Cali pic

Emel Cali – German
Year at JapStudies: 2011
Hello everybody!
I’m Emel, I come from Germany and I worked at JapStudies from June 2011 until August 2011.
The Internship at JapStudies was a great experience for me. It was the first time that I travelled alone in a foreign country and I was homesick very quickly, but thanks Rita, Joao and my colleagues I felt that I’m in very good hands. We were like a little business family 
A good support and exact explanations of Joao and Rita helped me a lot to fulfil my tasks. During my work at JapStudies, I could not only improve my English, but also establish new contacts with international people from different cultures. It was really a great time in Brighton that I enjoyed a lot! Many thanks once again for your support during my internship! An unforgettable experience in a great city!
Take care.
Greetings from Germannyyyyyyyy 🙂

Frieder Kaefer_profile picture

Frieder Kaefer – German
Year at JapStudies: 2014
Hello everybody,
My name is Frieder Kaefer and I am from Germany. Recently I completed the A-levels in a German secondary school and I would like to go to university next year. That’s why I had the option to visit another country during my gap-year. On the one hand I decided to go to England to improve my English skills and on the other hand was that a great chance to get more experience in different situations.
For these reasons I decided to do an internship by JapStudies for more than five months. I learned there a lot of things. For example dealing with customers or having a good phone conversation. Moreover I got useful impressions in marketing and web-design. Therefore I was allowed to work on my own or in a team with the other colleagues.
Furthermore there existed good working conditions during my internship. In addition to this there were no problems asking questions or getting help. The whole team was very friendly and open minded. One more point is that I was able to improve my English by doing the tasks in the company. Improve your spelling by writing articles for the webpage and improve your pronunciation by talking to customers or present them new accommodations.
All in all I am very happy that I got this chance to learn new English skills and to collect new experiences in the work life and how to deal with other cultures as well. In my opinion JapStudies is a perfect place to practise all these things.


Ines Koruga – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2011
Going to England was a dream coming true. At first I was worried because I didnt’ know what to expect, but once there I felt comfortable because of people’s kindness, understanding, they were really friendly and nice. So I found these qualities also at JapStudies, where I learned lots of things and I had the opportunity to put into practice all I learned at school. I also improved my English knowledge, computer skills and developed social skills.
People who work at JapStudies are here everytime to help you, they talk to you in a very friendly and polite manner, making sure if you have understood.
I really have good memories of 2011.

Jessica Salvatori

Jessica Salvadori – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2013
I had a great time at Jap Studies. It was my first work experience abroad and I really enjoyed it!
The thing I loved the most was meeting a lot of people from different countries.
I met amazing people from everywhere and I have to thank my colleagues a lot, especially the other interns with whom I had a lot of fun!
My job involved dealing with people looking accommodation, collect the payments and other tasks required.
It was so interesting to get to know guys from all over the world!
Moreover, the city is incredible, I have a lot of wonderful memories of the times spent there which I will never forget and I will go back there for sure.


Johanna Born – German
Year at JapStudies: 2015
My internship at JapStudies was my first working experiences abroad.
I am glad to get the chance to gain my first working experience abroad with JapStudies!
My job was at the office of JapStudies. This was a great opportunity to gain some office experiences I will need in my future. My colleagues were very nice and friendly. All the questions I had were answered with pleasure (even if I asked the same thing a hundred times). JapStudies is not like other companies. The atmosphere is very familiar and I have made a few new friends. The daily life is never boring at this agency. I got different and interesting tasks to do every day. Not only did I learn how to use different programs (like Excel, or the JapStudies system), but I also had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world while showing our accommodations. As we are working with a lot of foreigners you will get to know people from all over the world and find new friends. The location of the office is perfect! It’s in the city centre and only 1 minute walking distance from the Brighton Pier, where you can enjoy your lunch. Brighton is a lovely place to stay and people are very open-minded. Once you visited Brighton you will come back for sure!
I highly recommend doing an internship at JapStudies, if you want to combine working, fun and learning English abroad.

Laurane Picture

Laurane Paderna – Martinica, Caribbean
Year at JapStudies: 2013
Hi guys,
It’s Laurane .I come from Martinica in Caribbean. I stayed two months in Brighton and it’s an amazing and cosmopolitan city.
In my internships at JapStudies I do different tasks and I was all the time in relationships with customers. Do this internship in an English company allowed me to improve my English quickly and the atmospheres in Japstudies is very friendly and relax.
It’s my first experience abroad and I think I became more responsible and open to the world and to the different culture. I will see now international country with ideas Professional full head.
Do not miss this opportunity for your future and come to share a wonderful experience.
See you soon and enjoy your future experience!

Picture Marco Marino

Marco Marino – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2014
My name is Marco Marino and I am twenty-six years old. I am from Italy and I am very happy to be in Brighton, it is a very nice city full of people from all the world.
I am also very excited of this internship at JapStudies because it is my first work experience abroad and it is a good opportunity to improve my skills and my knowledge of English.
I have different tasks to do like do visit for accommodation, distribute flyers of JapStudies and B4B Guide at schools, learn web-marketing (in particular, insert pub, hotels, restaurants and properties on the web site of B4B Guide).
I can say as well that the atmosphere in this company is really friendly and nice; in fact, all my colleagues are kind and available if you need help for something.
I will give you news about my internship in October.

Marie picture

Marie Legran – Germany
Year at JapStudies: 2015
Hello my name is Marie. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Germany. Currently I am serving a vocational training as an Assistant in Office Communication. My vocational school offered the internship in Brighton. I was very grateful to obtain this opportunity. This internship was my first internship abroad, so I was really excited about it. Jap Studies is a great place to get some work experience. They have a great team to work with. They are really informal with each other. This company is pretty intercultural, because here are interns from many different countries. It makes the work a lot easier, when not everyone speaks fluent English. At the beginning I was sceptic about my English knowledge, but after a few days I realized that this wasn’t a problem at all. Now I feel very comfortable to speak English. Every week I had different tasks. They were able to show me a lot different things to do in an office, which I don’t have to do at my work in Germany. I liked a lot that some tasks were outside. In this way I could see a bit of the lovely city. Brighton is such a nice city. I will come back for sure. It is really recommendable to do this internship. You can learn a lot about the British working world.


Mathilde Taine-Doublie – French
Year at JapStudies: 2014
Hi everybody,
Im Mathilde, French girl from Poitiers, which is located between Paris and Bordeaux. I have been doing my internship in JapStudies since the end of April and will finish by the end of July. Brighton is a wonderful city.
The internship is my first experience abroad and it is a good opportunity to improve my English, develop knowledge and to discover another culture.
Some of my tasks in the internship are: helping with the accommodation management, collecting payments, posting online adverts in different websites. It is a good experience for me.
The working atmosphere is very nice and friendly which makes working in the office an enjoyable experience. The team is cool.
I would like to thanks JAP Studies for helping me to improve my English and discover a new country.

Nergiz Pic

Nergiz – Frace
Year at JapStdudies: 2014
I was satisfied to my one month stay in Brighton. I particularly appreciated more my internship at JapStudies. I chose this company because; working with colleagues from different nationalities helped me discover other languages, other countries, and other cultures.
There a good working atmosphere and my colleagues were adorable. Speak English with them really help me.
I thank the team for their trust and respect for the advice they could provide me during these four weeks and who are kind enough to make this moment a very profitable time.

Pilar ZAmora

Pilar Zamora – Spanish
Year at JapSudies: 2013
The internship in JapStudies was a really amazing experience in my life.
The environment in the office was so friendly and funny. In my three months there I had the possibility to speak with people of all parts of the world to improve my english, and I really did.
I spent my time doing the new webside B4B, and I learnt a lot of things of Brighton, this awesome place where you can do anything that you want.
Joao and Fernando are amazing guys and they try to help you in each thing.This experience has provided many good friends into my life and now I can to express myself in another language with them.
I encourage all of you to come.

Rachele Pic

Rachele Vivaldi – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2014
My internship in JAP Studies was my first experience abroad and represented the real opportunity to demonstrate my skills and my capacity to learn fast.
I am very happy about this work placement because I spent my time with kind colleagues that help me to deal with people from all over the world. The atmosphere in JAP is really friendly and nice. We can work with a smile in our face while we learn how to manage appointments and collections of payments, marketing, online adverts etc.
I have to thank Joao and Fernando to give me the possibility to practice my English and to build up communication skills, not only for the foreign language but also for the importance that they have when you need to work with people. I really enjoy being helpful to other’s needs and seeing that they like to have to do with me.
In JAP you can start to think in a multitasking way, you can do many things with a really lovely team.
Thanks to you all,

Sara Oss Pic

Sara Oss – Italian
Year at JapStudies: 2014
My name is Sara and I am from Italy. Recently I have finished my high school in Italy and I would like to attend the university next year but I have decided to take a “gap year” to make the right decision about my future studies. I have decided to come in England to improve my English and to do a different experience abroad.
Jap Studies is the right place if you would like to improve your English but also if you would like to know other students who come from different countries from all over the world. Jap Studies is an international company, a nice and warm place where you can enjoy your daily work with costumers but obviously also with colleagues which are very kind and friendly.
For me this experience is almost finished but I would like to recommend this job and this company to everyone who loves different cultures, improve English and know new people.


Seiji Tomizawa – Japan
Year at JapStudies: 2014
I have spent a very productive time during this 6 months doing an internship on this company; since October 2013.
It is a very good experience for me. Working with colleagues of different nationalities, I was able to work happily while helping each other with kindness and willing to learn.
I have helped to create a new Web-based system, and edited the material of the existing website.
And under the supervision of the specialist, I was challenged to do Internet marketing which I did and increased my knowledge. I have learned what is trully important, to also have fun at work. I am very satisfied to get this many new skills.
Seiji Tomizawa

Swann's picture

Swann Lesueur – French
Year at JapStudies: 2015
My name is Swann i am twenty years old and i am from France. Currently in my second years of my bachelor in « Kedge Business School » i had to do an internship during 4 months. I chose to come in England to improve my English and discover an other way of life.
I met some nice people in Brighton and during my work also. My experience in JapStudies was really good i learnt a lot of things about the student life in Brighton, how to look and find accommodation. The most important in the work is the good vibe at the office this is the Japstudies’s case.
I thank most particularly Joao ,Fernando and Thiago for this 4 months past with them.
Big Love !
Mr Lover


Vincent Noyer – French
Year at JapStudies: 2014 & 2015
Hello world,
I’m Vincent, I come from the South of France. I’m really happy to be in Brighton, it’s very nice city with a lot of students and foreigners. I’m very impatient to see how my internship will take place.
I have different task to do like do visit for accommodation, call potential clients for B4Bguide, send them email, learn web-marketing …
The opportunity that Joao and Fernando give me is a chance, this internship will allowed me to improve my language, to meet people with another culture… The atmosphere in JAP is really friendly and nice. It’s my first work experience abroad and I really enjoy it for the moment, I still have 4 months to spend with this (crazy) team, I’ll probably spend a good time.
I will give you news about my internship in June!!!!!
Keep the smile


Florian – German
Year at JapStudies: 2015
Hey there,
My name is Florian and I am/ was an intern at Japstudies. I come from Germany and it was my very first time working and living abroad.
Because of that I was really sceptical and a bit frightened too since I never had to speak a foreign language to help myself out with everything. Although I am confident in speaking English in my English classes, it’s a whole different thing as speaking it in front of native tongue speakers. But especially my co-workers and supervisors, were really friendly and had appreciation for my little shyness at the beginning. But with every day that passed, I started to get more comfortable in speaking and expressing myself. I started to hold little conversations with the students visiting our office (sometimes a little bit too much as Rita, one of my supervisors said) and got along with everybody in the office around me. Although there were sometimes some really quiet days, there was mainly always something to do in the office. Students came in who were looking for an accommodation, wanted to pay their rent and sometimes just needed some information and help. I also distributed some brochures and business cards to languages schools, colleges and some other establishments (pubs, hotels etc.).
The time in Brighton really helped me to improve both my language skills and soft skills aswell. I hardly recommend anyone who is interested in getting to know another culture and another lifestyle and has the possibility to do an internship in Brighton to seize this chance.

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